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Cashback Terms and Conditions

50% Cashback on all purchases terms and conditions

1) For all items bought during the promotional period and not returned or credited customers will receive a discount code for 50% of the value of the purchased products.

2) The discount code will be emailed to customers at the beginning of the promotional period (December 1st). 

3) The code will expire at the end of the promotional period (January 31st)

4) The discount code can be used by the customer or by someone else that they gift it to. It can be used to pay either towards or in full for any full price item on the Wallace Sacks website.

5) It cannot be redeemed for cash.

6) If the cashback item is returned, customers will not receive any value for the part of the purchase financed by the code.

7) If the item that the code is redeemed for is less than the value of the code no credit will be given for the unused part of the code.